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Vintage Ortiz Ventresca Belly Tuna

Vintage Ortiz Ventresca Belly Tuna

Better bellies.

Some people collect vintage wine. I collect vintage fish. For the past half decade I’ve been amassing a horde. Stacked on pallets, taped with "don't touch" signs, cases and cases of tinned fish from the fine fish houses of Portugal and Spain. Now, after years of stockpiling, it’s time to share with the world.

There’s no more prized tuna cut than the belly. Known as toro in Japanese, ventresca in Spanish, it’s blessed with the most tender meat, the meltingest texture. Aged, it just gets better—silkier, richer, more lip-smacking.

These tins come to us from famed fish house Ortiz in Spain, where they line-catch every tuna one by one. These bonito tuna bellies were tinned in olive oil back in 2016.

Ortiz Bonito Ventresca Belly Tuna - 2016 Vintage

P-TUN-2016 110 g tin

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