The Long Weekender Gift Box

The Long Weekender Gift Box

Snacks for everyone.

The Weekender has long been our most popular gift box. Stuffed with crowd-pleasing foods that are ready to eat straight away without special prep, it fits all manner of occasions. And when you've got a larger crowd to feed, this expansion on the Weekender provides provisions to keep everyone munching all weekend long.

Packed in a handsome wooden crate, The Long Weekender Gift Box includes:

Sweet Treats: no-nut Black Magic Brownie, Ginger Jump-Up Molasses Cookie, Banana Bread, Zingerman's Peanut Brittle, Italian Fruit Jellies, Zingerman's Spiced Pecans, and a nosher-sized Sour Cream Coffee Cake.

Savory Snacks: Zingerman’s Farm Bread, Holy Cow Beef Sticks, Zingerman's Sea Salt Potato Chips, Cornichon Pickles.

Beverage: Zingerman's whole bean High Flyer Coffee.

There's been a small change we want to let you know about.

The recipe for The Long Weekender Gift Box has changed:

We temporarily ran out of Nosher Sour Cream Coffee Cake so we've included
Nosher Gingerbread Coffee Cake.

The Long Weekender Gift Box

G-LWE Serves 10-12 for one event, or 1-2 for weeks of snacking
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