Broadbent Breakfast Sausage

Broadbent Breakfast Sausage

The insider's sausage pick.

A few years ago we weren’t even selling this. Our error. In less than a couple years it's become one of our staff’s favorite foods.

It's made by Ronny and Beth Drennan, from Anna "Grandma" Broadbent's recipe, who started selling it from the family barn in 1909. They mix a batch of fresh pork, sage and red pepper and stuff it into cloth bags that are cured by air drying for a week or so. No one knows exactly what this step contributes to the final product, but it’s what folks have always done in Trigg County, Kentucky, so they continue today. Before shipping to us, it’s smoked over green hickory for 24 hours.

Kept in the cloth bags, it lasts for a long, long time—there’s no rush to use it up. Ronny eats his sausage for breakfast with eggs and biscuits. Try it in omelettes. It also makes some serious sausage gravy. While this yummy sausage is air cured, it is not actually cooked. To please your palate, warm it, brown it, cook it up and enjoy.

"So fabulous. Consider it a treat as you would a bottle of really good Champagne. It makes dreamy sausage gravy over biscuits or English muffins."
Lennie Bennett, St. Petersburg Times

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Grandma Broadbent's Kentucky Breakfast Sausage

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