Zingerman's First Cut Corned Beef

Zingerman's First Cut Corned Beef

The cornerstone meat.

The foundation of Zingerman's Deli. Every week we sell thousands of pounds of our corned beef, much of it piled high on Zingerman's Jewish Rye bread and nearly as much sliced up for our customers to take home and have for dinner.

Wondering how corned beef from the Midwest stacks up next to the deli centers of the east? A few years ago Mo slipped a pound of our corned beef into a blind, all New York City corned beef tasting held by Slow Food. The result was happily surprising—we were voted the best!

Available two ways. Cooked and sliced, ready to build your own sandwiches at home. Or whole, raw, brined brisket for home cooking, recipe included. (Sizes vary on the raw brisket, so to make weight we may ship two.) Both the sliced and whole versions ship frozen.

"I just called to say that I got the whole corned beef for New Years Eve, and it couldn't have been more of a hit. The instructions were great, the food was great, and it was just perfect."
Mary in Ann Arbor, Michigan

"Pretty sure that corned beef of yours is soaked in unicorn tears."
Chris in San Francisco, California

"Zingerman’s Raw Corned Beef Brisket won our hearts. It yields tender, perfectly salty slices that are easy to shred but never dry, succulent but not too fatty, and—to be honest—pretty hard to stop eating."
Bon Appetit

Getting a whole brisket? Download our instructions on how to cook it!

Zingerman's First Cut Corned Beef

M-LCB 1 lb sliced
Current Price $30
Ships 2 business days warm weather care

Raw Corned Beef Brisket

M-LCB-W whole, 9-11 lbs, serves 12
Current Price $125
Ships 2 business days warm weather care
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