Laconia Olive Oil

Laconia Olive Oil

Finally! A Greek olive oil on our shelves!

In truth, we have a Greek olive oil back on our shelves.

It's been years since we carried an estate olive oil from Greece because they have been surprisingly hard to find. Trust me. I've been in the food finding game for two decades and Greek estate oil has become my culinary sasquatch: I believe it's out there...I've heard rumors about it being out there...and I swear I might have caught a glimpse of one, but I've always come up empty handed. 

Until today. 

This extra virgin olive oil comes from the southern end of the southern island of Peloponnese peninsula, from the village of Vatika in the Laconia region. It’s made by pressing a very special olive that only grows in the area called Athinolia. All the olives are hand-picked and rushed to the press within six to eight hours. It’s a grassy, fresh tasting, complex oil that brings the sun-baked flavor of southern Greece to your table.

You’d expect after such a long search I’d have more floral, exuberant, excited things to say about the oil, but don’t let my content manner fool you: it’s incredibly fulfilling to finally find something you’ve been searching for. It feels like coming home after a long journey. This is the oil I’ve been hoping for.

Extra virgin olive oil
Athinolia olives
Smooth and assertive flavors
The recent harvest from fall 2021 leans more towards the assertive side of the smooth and assertive spectrum. The oil is full of complex earthy flavors like fresh cut grass and bitter black tea along with spicy cracked black pepper. 

Laconia Olive Oil

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