TyPuglia Olive Oil

TyPuglia Olive Oil

The queen of Apulian olive oils.

Elia Pellegrino’s olive oil estate in Puglia, the ankle of Italy’s boot, is a big, brawny, rambling plot of land a couple dozen miles from the Adriatic Sea. The olive trees are the handsome old variety, gnarled specimens that artists prefer to draw. The olive oil he makes is totally in sync with the scenery. Fruity, spicy, bold—these have been words I’ve used to describe the La Spineta and Petraia oils we’ve carried for almost two decades. 

TyPuglia extra virgin olive oil is that and then some. It’s made entirely from coratina olives, which Elia calls “the queen of Apulian olives.” Another olive oil maker I know, Marina Colonna, calls them “the fixer,” since she feels they can turn bad olive oil good and good olive oil great. They’re a coveted varietal for making peppery powerful oils, which is what you’re going to get with this. It’s a condiment that can stand up to beans, pasta, red meats. Elia enjoys it on a slab of farm bread topped with fresh smashed tomatoes, sea salt, and a glistening coat of TyPuglia. 

TyPuglia is packaged in a limited edition ceramic bottle, hand crafted in the studio of Elia’s friend, Michele Cataldo, in the nearby town of Terlizzi. The bottle is reusable—being ceramic, it keeps all light out, which is the best way to store oil. There are two colors: one tomato red, the other sky blue. Let me tell you, they're gorgeous.

Extra virgin olive oil
Coratina olives
Rustic & fruity flavors
2023 Harvest. This oil is spicy with a sharp bitterness that complements a big hit of black pepper. 

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