Angelina Drinking Chocolate Bottle from Paris

Angelina Drinking Chocolate Bottle from Paris

Drinking chocolate on the go.

A stunning jewelbox, Angelina’s salon de thé is in the heart of Paris on the rue de Rivoli, just down the street from the Louvre. You can go there to appreciate the ornate, fin de siècle decor and eat a pastry or a sip an espresso. But you’d be missing the point. Angelina serves the best hot chocolate in Paris. And I’m ready to throw down and say it—it’s the best hot chocolate in the world.

The chocolate is a stunner. Silky, ultra creamy, super chocolatey with the barest bitter edge to cut through the sweetness. My tasting notes from my first visit to Angelina read: “like drinking molten gold, if gold tasted like complex and intensely satisfying homemade brownie batter.” Sipping it is an event to remember. 

If a quick jaunt to Paris for a cup of hot chocolate isn’t an option, we’ve got the next best thing. Bring Angelina home. You could buy a tin of the mix and make your chocolate from scratch. Or, you could get a bottle of the stuff.

A bottle of hot chocolate? It's not so different from those bottles of milky, sugary coffee from that famous Seattle brand. But now imagine if the bottle was twice as big and full of impossibly rich drinking chocolate. Heat the bottle up in a water bath for a few minutes and you’re in business.

Gluten Free

Angelina Drinking Chocolate Bottle from Paris

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