Classic and Apricot Rugelach Cookies Gift Box

Classic and Apricot Rugelach Cookies Gift Box

Our most popular Jewish pastry.

Rugelach are the royalty of Jewish baked goods: crispy, flaky, cream cheese pastry, dressed in cinnamon sugar, rolled around a sweet filling. Small enough to devour in a few bites each, rich enough so a box lasts for a long time. Rugelach make great host gifts.

This gift box has eight pieces of classic Rugelach—toasted walnut with currants—and eight pieces filled with apricot jam.

We also offer a chocolate and raspberry mixed box, and a raspberry and apricot mixed box.

"A challenge to Jewish grannies everywhere."
John Thorne, Simple Cooking

"You might give a pastry-lover a box of rugelach baked by Zingerman's in Michigan. Of the several flavors, the traditional is very deliciously buttery, dried fruity, and walnutty and sold in combination with the also-delicious apricot. Whether or not you grew up eating rugelach, both kinds are homey and comforting winter food."
Ed Behr, The Art of Eating

Classic and Apricot Rugelach Cookies Gift Box

P-RUG 16 pieces, half apricot, half walnut & currant, gift boxed
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