Pumpernickel Bread

Pumpernickel Bread

Featured in Joan Nathan’s Jewish Holiday Baker.

Dark and rich, this loaf is made with organic wheat flour and real pumpernickel flour—which is a lot rarer than you'd think. I'll go out on a limb and say it's probably the best pumpernickel made in America today. A perfect pal to smoked salmon or whitefish pâté.

This handmade bread's ingredients are organic wheat flour (organic wheat, malted barley), water, organic freshly milled whole rye flour, rye meal, sea salt, yeast, caraway, and caramel color (over-caramelized corn syrup). 

"Best pumpernickel bread ANYWHERE ON THE PLANET."
Bill, Hampton, NH


Heat the bread when you're ready to eat. Click here for instructions.

Pumpernickel Bread

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