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Ferry Farms Berkshire Bacon

Ferry Farms Berkshire Bacon

Heritage breed bacon from Michigan.

We’ve sought out great culinary delights from across the great Mitten State from fish to jam to chocolate. Finally, we’ve found a fantastic bacon to add to the Made in Michigan roster.

Ferry Farms is a fourth generation farm in Litchfield, Michigan. Unlike most bacon makers that start by buying commodity pork, the Ferry family sources their Berkshire heritage breed pigs from a neighbor's farm, where they're raised without any hormones or antibiotics. To make the bacon, after a wet cure in a mix of salt and spices, the pork bellies are smoked over hickory wood.

The result is a little sweet and a little smoky, but not too much of either. It’s the perfect use-for-anything bacon.

Ferry Farms Berkshire Bacon

M-FFB 1 lb package
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