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Marieke Gouda Cheese from Wisconsin

Marieke Gouda Cheese from Wisconsin

Jamie's favorite.

Jamie is a service star in our Service Center at Zingerman's Mail Order.


Before I worked at Zingerman's, I knew about Gouda but I didn't really differentiate between it and other cheeses. After getting to know all the amazing Goudas Zingerman's offers, while I do love them all, I find myself gravitating toward the Marieke and get excited when I'm handed a piece. It just melts in my mouth and it's so smooth and not quite so tangy as the other Goudas—it's easy to eat. It has become my go-to snack. I keep a wedge in the fridge at work and cut off a piece in the afternoon so I don't get hangry (nobody wants that). It's also kind of my late night snack, I can just eat a little piece and not feel guilty about it. I've even cut it up and taken it to the movies with me! It's great in a grilled cheese, or in mac and cheese, but mostly (maybe you can tell) I just love to eat it on its own. 


Cow's milk
Unpasteurized (Raw)

Traditional rennet

Marieke Gouda Cheese from Wisconsin

C-MKE by the lb
$15 - $29
Ships for flat rate

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