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Pistachio Halva

Pistachio Halva

Don't forget the nigella.

Halva is a staple around the Mediterranean and at Jewish delis in the states. It’s a confection made of ground sesame seeds—AKA tahini—plus sugar and extra flavorings. The result is this ethereal, airy, nutty, candyfloss-like paste that’s spreadable or spoonable or sliceable and just delicious.

This version, from Hebel & Co. in Los Angeles, is chock full of toasty pistachios, then gets an extra kick from a not-so-secret ingredient: nigella seeds. Think of them as a cross between a caraway seed and black pepper. If you've ever tried our Chernushka rye bread, it gets a jolt from a good portion of nigella seeds, too.

It’s a complex spice, giving the halva an earthy, peppery, bright, sweet, floral type of flavor and aroma.

Gluten Free

Pistachio Halva

P-PTH 8 oz box
Ships for flat rate

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