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Classic Hamantaschen Cookies

Classic Hamantaschen Cookies

Traditional flavors for Purim.

Hamantaschen are wonderfully scrumptious triangle-shaped, open faced cookies usually eaten during the late-winter Jewish celebration of Purim. We make ours starting with organic flour and loads of real butter to make a sweet, slightly crumbly dough. Then we load them with an assortment of fillings. Each box of a dozen cookies contains four each filled with vanilla bean cream cheese, poppy seed, and apricot. 

Kids like the holiday because they get to play with noisemakers called groggers. They make a racket whenever Haman’s name is mentioned, which is best done while eating a delicious pastry like vanilla bean cream cheese-filled hamantaschen.

Looking for other flavors? We also offer a kid's choice collection of Hamantaschen Cookies.

"You may or may not know how useful the groggers are. When I was a kid, back in the 1950s, they gave them out in synagogue. When my own kids were kids, back in the 1980s, I think I used to buy them. Now when my grandchildren are young, they don't give them out, they're not readily available for purchase, and most of the ones on-line come with warnings that their sharp metal can cut little fingers. You don't send that dangerous metal kind. Thanks for everything."
Rose, Huntington Station, NY

Classic Hamantaschen Cookies

P-HAM Box of 12 cookies: 4 vanilla cheese, 4 poppy seed, 4 apricot
Original Price $35 On Special Current Price $25
Ships for flat rate

Classic Hamantaschen with two groggers

P-HAM-G Box of 12 cookies, plus 2 groggers
Current Price $40
Returning February 2025

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