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Customizable 3 Bread Gift Box

Customizable 3 Bread Gift Box

Build your own bread box.

Fill your bread basket with the hearth-baked Zingerman’s Bakehouse loaves you love the most. Select your three breads from the list below: classic or creative, sweet or savory, or a mix of everything. We’ll pack them in our fun, cartooned gift box.

Want to customize a box with something other than just bread? Check out all of our customizable gift options! If you'd like to create a custom gift box with other ingredients we're happy to help. Give us a ring at 888.636.8162.

Worried about having too many loaves? All the breads freeze beautifully for longer term storage. Heat the bread when you're ready to eat. Click here for freezing and heating instructions.

Choose any 3:

Click the plus sign + to select a bread.

Sourdough Bread

Crisp, crackling crust and trademark sour tang.

Farm Bread

A French countryside classic: white-wheat mix, subtle sourdough tang.

Jewish Rye Bread

Huge rye flavor. Named "best rye in America" by Saveur.

Roadhouse Bread

Rye, cornmeal and wheat mix, sweet with molasses.

Chocolate Sourdough

Tangy sourdough with chunks of dark Belgian chocolate.

Cinnamon Raisin Bread

Laced with Indonesian cinnamon and Red Flame raisins.

Pecan Raisin Bread

Dense with tons of Red Flame raisins and toasted pecans.

Chile Cheddar Bread

Slightly spicy New Mexico green chiles and hunks of Cabot cheddar.

Parmesan Pepper Bread

Packed with Parmigiano Reggiano and freshly cracked black pepper.

Peppered Bacon Farm Bread

Rich and smoky with bits of Nueske's Applewood bacon and black pepper.

Cherry Chocolate Bread

Chocolatey dough, chocolate chunks and dried sour cherries.

Onion Rye Bread

Traditional rye with caramelized onions and poppy seeds.


Dark and rich with real pumpernickel flour.

8 Grain 3 Seed Bread

Loaded with whole grains and seeds, sweetened with honey.


Dense spelt and rye loaf with a sunflower seeded crust.

Customizable 3 Bread Gift Box

G-3BD 3 breads, gift boxed
Current Price $75
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More to learn

What to expect when you’re expecting bread

We ship our breads using two business day service. Each of our breads comes wrapped in a paper bread bag. If you’ll be eating it within a few days, store it on the counter. You can also wrap it in plastic and freeze it for longer storage (up to three months).  Do not be alarmed […]

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