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Customizable 3 Mini Pie Party Gift Box

Customizable 3 Mini Pie Party Gift Box

Let us bake you many little pies.

A collection of sweet, little handmade pies with big, big flavor. Each is made with an all-butter crust, and the flavors of the fruit and nuts are up front where you can savor them.

Choose your own selection of three mini pies, each sized to serve 1-2 people. We pack your pies to order, gift-boxed in our printed wooden ZingCrate.

"The best pie variety pack to order online."
Nikita Richardson, New York Magazine

Choose any 3:

more to go. You have selected of pies. Click the plus sign + to select a pie.

Toasted Pecan Pie

Loaded with toasty pecans, sweetened with Muscavado brown sugar.

Cranberry Walnut Pie

Full of rich toasty walnuts and bright, tangy cranberries.
On Vacation

Chocolate Chess Pie

Rich, dense chocolate custard filling in a buttery crust.
On Vacation

Customizable 3 Mini Pie Party Gift Box

G-3PI 3 Pies in wooden crate, Serves 6
Original Price Current Price $65
Returning October 2022

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