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Toasted Pecan Pie

Toasted Pecan Pie

Committing to the details.

Pecan pie is one of Southern cooking’s best diplomats. It’s hard to find folks who won’t immediately tuck in to a slice placed in front of them.

That said, there are good pecan pies and there are great pecan pies. What makes the great ones is that they commit to the details. Real butter in the crust. Great brown sugar—ours is an unrefined muscovado brown sugar from Mauritius—for the filling. And loads of huge pecans.

Our pie bakers stuff in so many pecans that there’s barely enough room to fit them in, let alone any of the caramelly brown-sugar custard. What you get has a warm, balanced flavor that's never too sweet. Eat it as is, or warm it up before serving.

This handmade pie's ingredients are muscovado sugar, butter, toasted pecans, fresh eggs, corn syrup, organic wheat flour (organic wheat, malted barley), milk, sugar, Madagascar vanila extract, and sea salt.

Pie comes in a re-useable embossed metal pie tin and nestled in our handsome wooden gift crate or colorful cartoon cardboard gift box.

"Consider this Southern Gal completely converted to your amazing, incredible, delectable, delicious Toasted Pecan Pie. Worth. Every. Penny. Worth. Every. Calorie. As God is my witness, let no other pecan pie pass my lips again!"
Krista, Lakeland, Florida

Toasted Pecan Pie in Cartoon Gift Box

A-PEC Fresser-sized, serves 8-12
Current Price $60
We're not sure when it's returning

Toasted Pecan Pie in Wooden Crate

G-PEC Fresser-sized, serves 8-12
Current Price $70
Returning October 2024

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